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Method Fountain Pen - Black + Brass

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The minimally elegant method fountain pen from Andhand comes fitted with a high quality Gold plated Schmidt nib and ink converter allowing an infinite choice when it comes to ink preference. Being machined from a combination of brass and aluminium this pen is an excellent option if you prefer a lighter weight pen but still want that premium materiality. 


  • Machined brass and anodized aluminium fountain pen
  • Gold plated Schmidt nib
  • Supplied with Schmidt Ink converter
  • Fits standard international ink cartridges
  • Dims: 125mm x 12mm
  • Weight: 24g

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Our fountain pen is precision engineered and comes with a gold plated nib and German refill. Designed by award winning UK team.
Close up image of the gold plated Schmidt medium nib. Method brass fountain pen.

Writing Excellence.

Choose from either broad, medium or fine nib. Whatever your preference the gold plated & German made Schmidt nib makes writing a dream.

Black and brass fountain pen from Andhand. Shown here disassembled with various components.

What makes an Andhand fountain pen?

  • Great original design from our inhouse team. Creating pens that are minimal & modern yet timeless, for a lifetime of writing pleasure.
  • Precision machined parts from high grade brass and aluminium.
  • Excellent gold plated German nib and ink convertor.
Andhand black and brass fountain pen, shown here with its crisp modern presentation box.

A memorable gift.

Presented in a premium card presentation box with a crisp and minimal graphic sleeve. Our fountain pens make a great impression, whether for graduation, Father's day or other special occasion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christopher Tilley
Lovely pen, worth every penny.

Firstly, the pen looks great. The combination of black and brass make it a very stylish pen. The cap has an octagonal segment which makes for a stable pen rest and is a great design choice.
Secondly, the pen is a great writer. The ink flows very well without soaking the paper. It has become my favourite pen.

Howard Cowdrick
A beauty

5 stars

The biggest issue has been the delivery . Andhand and I realized there is very little we can do about that.

Now for the pen, the faceted cap is certainly a delightful touch. The whisper of brass where the cap and body meet is genius. The overall size is very agreeable. I am not fond of large pens so it hits the right spot for me, Looking forward to writing with this pen.

Method Fountain Pen

I have really enjoyed the method Fountain Pen from first use. It looks great, nicely understated just to my preference and it is very comfortable to write with. The flow from the medium nib is fantastic. Very happy that I bought the pen.

William F Hoehne

The pen is well made and the nib is very smooth. The medium size is just right. Some medium nibs are too broad or too fine.
Good job.
William F Hoehne

Love the quality

For the price point I was expecting a reasonably good quality pen. But I was really pleased that this surpassed my expectations, there are many fountain pens that I've spent a lot more on in the past that this is equally as good as. Keep up the good work Andhand - please can you make a titanium variant of this pen in the future?